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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

* All work is warrantied for 6 years as is required by the NSW Dept of Fair Trading.

* Warranty is not transferrable.

* Materials/Products are warrantied by the material/product  manufacturers.

* Payment terms are strictly 7 days unless there is a prior agreement.

* Any product provided by the customer is not covered by my warranty

* Timber cabinet products in wet environments like bathrooms and kitchen should be made of water resistant material. I can't be held responsible for any water damage if the product is not fit for purpose. 

*Any product that incorporates braided stainless steel hoses or any fixture connected with stainless steel hoses should be checked annually for corrosion.

* Blockages have limited warranty. Especially if tree roots are involved.

* 2nd hand products/re-use of old products. These products carry NO warranty whatsoever from me. Use at your own risk. I will do my best to install and service them at your request, with no warranties.

* All products sold by me remain the property of Colin Bell until paid for. I reserve the right to have access to take them back if not paid for.

* I have the right to report non payment to a credit reference agency.

Hopefully we never have to use these clauses. Have a nice day! :-)

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